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  • Testimonials - Nina Hollington Photography
    Nina has worked with the College for many years now, shooting the photography for our marketing campaigns. She can turn her hand to any brief we give her, always giving us a ‘fresh look’ for our materials, whether that be for a vibrant prospectus, eye catching advert, large scale sign or engaging website. There is something about her approach that enables her to get the best out of the people we provide services for, from young children to adults. She has worked on a range of styles for us, including natural-light candids, bringing in her own studio set-up for our graduation, press and VIP photography, event photography and food photography for our fine dining restaurant, the Vincent Rooms in SW1. With an eye for the perfect shot, she always manages to capture the message we are trying to convey and has become an integral part of our team.

    - Hannah Skeggs, Marketing Manager.
  • Testimonials - Nina Hollington Photography
    Nina has supported Lexington through many fund raisers, events, photo shoots, parties and has filmed and edited our company video for several years now. Nina doesn't just turn up and take pictures. She works with us before, during and after every event to understand our objectives. She prompts us to think about the target audience of our images from a creative and thought provoking perspective and makes every shot worthwhile. It goes without saying that Nina will bend over backwards to ensure that we are getting our desired end result - moments that have been beautifully captured. We almost forget that Nina is not one of us when she comes to our events. She fits in so discreetly and tells a story with her style of photography.I whole heartedly recommend Nina to anyone who values the passing of time enough to capture it in an otherwise would be missed moment, snapped beautifully.

    - Danielle Mitchell, Sales Manager
  • Testimonials - Nina Hollington Photography
    I first met Nina in 2008 when she was starting out. Photographing our wedding anniversary party was one of her first assignments and she did such a brilliant job I’ve been recommending her ever since! Nina merges into an event unobtrusively and takes some really innovative shots, capturing all of the special moment instinctively – this is a very valuable skill. We also work with Nina at my company, Purple Cubed, for all of our photography and, more recently, videography work. She’s a great person, nice to be around and a really talented professional.

    - Jane Sunley, CEO
  • Testimonials - Nina Hollington Photography
    Nina has worked with the University for 3 years now. I originally booked her as our usual photographer couldn’t make it, and I have booked her again and again, ever since! Nina has worked on a vast array of events including high profile events for the Vice Chancellor, Graduation Ceremonies and public lectures, as her work is so brilliant. Many other departments at the University now use Nina as the quality of her work is just fantastic. My favourite part about working with Nina is the fast turnaround with pictures, they are often in my inbox before I get home from the event! She is fabulous, creative, uses her intuition and always gets perfect shots. On top of all of that, she is an amazing person to be around and everybody at Westminster loves her!

    -Paula Cadenhead, Corporate Events Manager